Assessing Your Current Space

With rightsizing, the goals is to make better use of the space that you currently have, or perhaps a move is in order to find a space that better fits your desired lifestyle.

Everyone is different - what might be the right size for you may feel too large or small for someone else.  So, before starting add, subtract, or move things around, it's important to take a look at what your current space looks like now.

A recent article on Airtasker.com's blog has a short list of questions that help to assess your current space.  Walk through your current home and ask the following:

  • Are you using all the rooms in your house?
  • Are certain rooms only used for storage?
  • How often do you have overnight guests?
  • Are some rooms used for special occasions?
  • Is the current flow of your home making daily activities harder?

For more about how to assess your current space for rightsizing, please see this article from AirTasker.