Rightsizing Your Home

Living in a large family home was great when you had a large family, but as your living conditions change, your living needs change.  Rightsizing is the process of understanding how you live in your home, uncluttering your life, and utilizing each room according to your changing lifestyle. The goal is to use and enjoy the space you have fully.

Differences between downsizing and resizing.  Downsizing often suggests a loss - losing space, losing living utility, or both.  Rightsizing is more about living in a home that is the right size for your current living needs.  Simply put, rightsizing means making the most of your home and tailoring it to your and your family’s lifestyle.

The good news is that you don't have to wait until retirement to start rightsizing.  Anyone can start the process of rightsizing.  Take a look at these helpful sections as a starting point: